DeepBlue Web - Examples


The dashboard provides an overview of all data available in DeepBlue. Click on the chart elements to obtain more information about them.

Full text search

DeepBlue Web provides an interface for full text searching.

Listing experiments

You can list all epigenomic experiments under Experiments data.

The data tables provide full filtering and ordering.

Select epigenomic data

Simply click on the experiments you want in Experiments Data, and they will be selected for download.

Select the desired experiments and then click Download.

Download the experiments with their desired columns

Select the experiment columns that are common to all experiments.

Then, it is possible to include columns that are not common to all experiments.

Include meta-columns such as the name of the experiment region. It is also possible to include the region length, DNA sequence, epigenetic mark, project name, biosource, and sample id.

You can choose the genomic locations that you want to download by selecting the chromosomes and regions.

It is also possible to filter the regions by selecting an annotation that will overlap the desired regions.

Finally, simply click on the Request Download button.

Download requests

This page will show all yours requests (if you are a registered user) or your session requests (if you are an anonymous user).

You can download the request data by clicking Download.