Over 30,000 experiments accessible by
a set of commands developed for handling epigenomic data

Among the DeepBlue features:

DeepBlue provides a set of commands specially designed for searching, finding, handling, and downloading epigenomic data. The processing take place on our servers. Users need only to download the meaningful data.

The commands are sent to our servers through the XML-RPC protocol, which is a language agnostic protocol, so that the users can use their preferred programming language.

Together with the API, DeepBlue has an intuitive web portal where users can access and handle the epigenomic data.


DeepBlue contains more than 30 thousand experiment (peaks and signal) files from the main epigenome mapping projects: ENCODE, BLUEPRINT, NIH Roadmap, and DEEP. We also allow and encourage users to upload their own data.

The data is organized using controlled vocabularies and well defined terms from ontologies (EFO, CL, and UBERON).

DeepBlue contains a full API reference, a complete manual, and tutorials that help with the initial steps.

DeepBlue is possible through the support of: